Color Keyboard for iOS 6

Optimized for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 
Compatible with iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and All versions of iPads with iOS 5.0 or higher

Breathe Colors into your Notepad Keyboard – A Variety of Colors on your Keyboard! 

Are you tired of using the same ordinary iPhone Keyboard and Notepad all the time? 
How would you like to have a variety of colors right on your iPhone Keyboard so your eyes are always entertained while writing down your notes? 

Color Keyboard features a Notepad with colorful keyboards that you can use to jot down your notes and write Twitter, Email, SMS, MMS and IMessage. 
Instead of looking at the same old grey keyboard, download Color Keyboard for iOS 6 now and be entertained whenever you write something down! 

Keyboard with 30 Colors to choose from 
Support Twitter / Text Message / Email 

Compatibility Note: Compatible with iPhone and iPad with iOS 5.0 or higher